Bà Nội Không Thích Ăn Pizza


The show is about a clumsy 80 year old grandma (NSUT Le Mai) who 1. Doesn’t hear well 2. Doesn’t lượt thích eating pizzas 3. Doesn’t use cell phones, và 4. Only let the sweet/cute girls into her house; the pretty long-legged ones can wait at the door.

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With such an old-fashioned personality, she even convinces her grandson, the 8x Tu (Nguyen Danh Tung), into a “pious contract” where he must live with her. In exchange, he will get to lớn live in a nice villa & receive a monthly allowance. Now that’s what you hotline ‘conditions’. I would fly right over.

But of course, life is unpredictable và problems will begin khổng lồ introduce themselves.

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(by Vietchannel)


NSƯT Lê Mai as bà nhỏ xíu (Bà nội)/ the grandma

NSƯT Vũ Thanh Tú as Bà Nhu

Nguyễn Danh Tùng as Hoàng Tuấn-Tú

Dương Thị Hồng Nhung (winner “Vietnam Super Star Contest 2009”) as Vũ Thảo (Dr. Nha Khoa)

Trần My Diễm Hằng as Thơm

Nguyễn Thùy Trang as Kiều

Lê Anh Thơ as Văn











) Hope that this one can be fun & great

Lol, the title is funny already, so is the trailer.

Might consider watching this ^^


Juun is it me the links you posted doesnt work

It"s realllllly good so far! Their acting is also really applaudable. This beats Bong Dung Muon Khoc anyday (honestly, that drama was a little slow for me).

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why isn"t ep 3 up yet? shouldn"t it have already aired yesterday?

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